Animated Video Production - Process

As with all great journeys, the process of Animated Video Production starts with a single step...

animated video production process

Step 1 – Brief

The first critical step is to understand what you’re looking to achieve. We listen to your objectives and understand as much about your product, service, or issue as possible.

We build a picture of what you wish to convey along with your target audience, deadline and budget.

Step 2 – Script

Your script conveys what you would like to see within the animated video. Based on our experience of video production, we will provide recommendations on the best possible way of creating a story, keeping script to essential elements that will work well visually.

We build a picture of what you wish to convey along with your target audience, deadline and budget.

Step 3 – Voiceover

If you have a voiceover already, then great! If not, no problem at all. We will find a suitable voiceover artist from our curated list with an accent that works perfectly to set the tone and message of your script.

Step 4 – Storyboard/Animatic

Following the script, we create an Illustrated series of sketches that connect the narrative to the visuals. Annotated camera moves and shot descriptions help give a clear idea of the animated video pace and flow.

It helps ensure both client and team are on the same page, giving a clear idea of how the final video production will look.

Step 5 – Style Frame

We create three colour visuals taken from the storyboard, these give you a clear idea of what the finished animated video will look like. Style frames help to demonstrate how the final production will look.

Step 6 – Animation

The Animation and Motion Graphics step is where the video production process starts taking shape. We combine all of the previous steps by putting the words into action. Using our expertise in visual storytelling, we ensure the animation enhances the core message of your script.

Step 7 – Music/Sound

Music and sound effects are added to the final animation, adding a final ‘spark’ to the video. The music can be chosen from our royalty free suppliers or composed originally. Chosen style will always complement the animation, improving pacing and the viewers audio/visual attention.

Step 8 – Delivery

The step you’ve been waiting for! The final delivery can be provided in multiple formats, suitable for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Television and Film. Once the animated video is complete, we send it to you for feedback and make any needed revisions. The delivery is the final step of the production process.